clothing hangers, nostalgic found objects

A project from last spring where I took bits and pieces from my childhood bedroom to create a mobile that I could take wherever moved. My intention here was to be able to take symbols of my roots, and add onto the mobile as I live and grow, wherever I go, so as not to forget where I came from. Constructed of reused coat hangers, and symbols of memories.

I made this when I went home to San Francisco for the first time since pre-covid. Going back to my bedroom where the past versions of myself grew and hurt in, it was a lot, especially since I didn’t recognize who I used to be anymore. I came back to a changed San Francisco, where my favorite sanctuaries could no longer afford rent, where my dog was no longer, and as my family discussed moving away after selling my childhood home. It made me want to desperately cling onto any remnants I had of familiar comforts and relive the good ol days.

Except those “good ol days” never existed, because all my past selves wanted to be where I’m at now. And if I wanted to relive my past, I can’t do that without being my old self too. And that’s not happening.

So as SF changes, so do I. And as it grows, I too will find new connections, new loves, and new homes. Because what is home if not a feeling?

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